Reseller Solution

A reseller EV charging solution.

EV Charging Reseller

Alfa Power’s reseller EV charging solution.

Our Distributor or Reseller model with SaaS support is the third solution offered by Alfa Power.

Alfa Power benefits from economies of scale and passes on substantial savings to its partners.

Partners can buy from a portfolio of products and services that includes a wide range of (optionally branded) hardware at a discounted rate.
We provide access to our installation partners and project manage the installation.

We consult with you and give guidance on new grid connections/applications if required and advise on how to best communicate with the local grid DNO (Distribution Network Operator) if grid reinforcement or additional load is required.

Alfa Power would charge a fee for the project management around the supply and install of charging infrastructure on a case by case basis
Alfa Power will then connect and commission your hardware to our back-office cloud network, offering GPS map positioning that includes connection to the largest network of aggregator platforms in both the UK (Zap Map) and Europe (Plug Surfing).

This network also facilitates a variety of payment options (RFID, My Alfa Power’s App (MAP) or Contactless through Apple and Android pay.

We also offer a range of SLAs that are fit to purpose depending on whether you require software or hardware protection or both. (This can also include 24/7 Customer Service) There would be a cost associated with an SLA package.
Alfa Power would also expect to collect a nominal share of the revenue from electricity for providing access to our cloud network and payment platforms. Circa 3-5p /kWh. This covers our hosting costs and software maintenance costs as well as bank charges and connection fees.

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