A member of the Cabinet will be pushing a button that launches a new cluster of sites to go live on their growing network of electric vehicle (EV) chargers. All the new sites are in diverse locations and market sectors conveying broad coverage and demonstrating the range of suitable environments for the technology.

Alfa Power aim to break their own existing benchmark that is currently available to the network of EV drivers. The 60kW rapid charging point has specifications which more than fulfil the needs of the latest EV vehicles; it is capable not only of quick 60kW charging but also simultaneously charging up to 4 vehicles together with a fast charger that is capable of 22kW charging. These chargers will be available for everyone to use, with many more of Alfa Power’s charging points set to open in the near future across the UK and beyond.

Alfa Power will be hosting an exclusive event for its first year birthday celebration, where the business will launch a cluster of new sites, and are due to reveal substantial new developments together which will showcase charging demonstrations using a range of EV’s.

Alfa Power support the current Government’s strategy in reducing hazardous emissions and providing cleaner air zones, which can only be achieved by providing alternative sources of energy including providing EV charge points across all locations. Alfa Power’s move to make the fastest charging options available to all EV drivers heralds their arrival as a substantial player in the UK’s EV industry.