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Join the road to zero with eVie

Alfa Power and eVie Car Leasing offer the perfect solutions for anyone looking to go e-mobile.

Why lease an electric car?

Leasing an electric car can have a positive effect on both climate change and your bank balance. eVie offers a wide selection of electric vehicles, meaning e-mobility is accessible and available to everyone. Let eVie help you save money while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Who should lease an electric car?

Taxi Drivers

Electric cars are the perfect solution for Taxi drivers in the UK.

The average taxi driver in the UK is likely to drive around 100 miles per day, easily achievable by any of the latest EV models at a cost of well under £10. Such savings mean the average taxi driver would save thousands of pounds every year!


Help your company improve its corporate social responsibility with EV leasing.

Businesses aiming to be eco-friendly can take advantage of EV leasing for company fleets. When twinned with an EV charging solution from Alfa Power the savings can be astronomical!

Private Individuals

Work toward a greener future by making the switch from petrol and diesel.

Eco-friendly vehicles help us secure a brighter future, reducing air pollution, carbon emissions, while simultaenously saving you money on fuel!

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