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We are the UK’s fastest EV charging network.

Power up with Alfa Power

Alfa Power are forming strong partnerships with EV manufacturers, and landowners to offer better value for EV customers throughout the UK.

Alfa Power 60kW to 150kW Rapid EV Charger

The 4 in 1 will charges all current and next-generation EV’s — supporting CCS, CHAdeMO and AC connections.

Our Rapid EV chargers are designed to provide continuous output power at all times. This hardware is ideal for car dealerships, food outlets and busy urban areas or other areas.

  • 60kW DC CHadeMO
  • 60kW DC CCS
  • 43kW AC Type2
  • 22kW AC
  • Fully scalable potential to upgrade to 150kW Rapid Charging
  • RFID reader
  • Flexline: Ethernet Connectivity, Wireless: GPRS/ 3G modem
  • Back office interface: OCPP 1.5/1.6
  • 7″ Color Display


Alfa Power 25kW DC Charger

Our DC wall box charger is suited for highway rest stops and petrol stations, as well as for retail and office locations, car dealerships, fleet applications, etc. based on the customer needs, this charger is tailored with a combination of both  CCS and CHAdeMO charging.

  • DC 25kW fast charger supporting CCS and CHAdeMO
  • Payment terminal
  • Graphic visualisation of charging
  • RFID authorization
  • Robust all-weather structure


Alfa Power 22kW Fast EV Charger

Our fast charger is easy to install and is easy for customers to use. Fast chargers are ideal for customers who are planning to stay in a proposed location for a couple of hours. Fast chargers are suitable for environments such as retail parks, business centres or leisure parks.

  • Powerful Single or dual charging
  • Low lifecycle costs
  • Connection to Car: Mode 3 charging (max 22kW)
  • 3 LED signal lights. (Red, Blue, Green)
  • 2G/3G, Ethernet, OCPP, LAN, WIFI
  • Dynamic load management
  • Local load management
  • Miniature Circuit Breaker
  • Ready for Vehicle-to-Grid
  • Simply and secure user identification via RFID, Mobile App, NFC


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