Alfa Power has recently installed a 22kW fast charger that is available to all EV motorists at The Noel at Whitwell in Oakham. It is the only 22kW fast charger in the county of Rutland, as all other chargers have a capacity of 3-7kW. The charger is ready to use, with more of Alfa Power’s charging points set to open in the near future across the UK and beyond. As a special introductory offer, the charger has been set up as free to use, and will continue to be free to until 10pm on Sunday the 20th January 2019.

Alfa Power’s Managing Director, Alex Hinchcliffe, expresses the company’s excitement. “We are very encouraged by how receptive the community in Rutland has been in adopting the concept of electrification and e-mobility and going green as a community. The Noel is an ideal location for EV charging based on the extensive range of activities accessible locally. There are a number of installations in the pipeline for this environmentally conscious community to take advantage of. We are delighted to support the growth and help develop the awareness of the benefits of EVs in this community by providing infrastructure of an appropriate capability to support the transition.”

The newly installed charge point is situated at the Noel at Whitwell, which is a country pub and B&B. It is ideally located within walking distance of the shores of Rutland Water. Rutland Water is Rutland’s most popular tourist attraction and is well known for holding sport, leisure and wildlife conservations; offering the public the opportunity to get involved in many activities. As such, Alfa Power’s newest installation provides accessible green fuel options on a route where users have plenty to do while charging, and supports the ever-increasing UK EV market and demonstrates growing concerns about domestic and global air pollution.