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See how an EV charger is helping Leeds Golf Centre

Zero Cost.
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Schools can gain many benefits from having an EV charger on-site. Not only does it create a new revenue stream, it also modernises the school facilities, and adds to your corporate social responsibility.

New Revenue Stream

Add a new revenue stream to the school with an EV charger, earning while staff members charge their vehicle.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Go green by reducing your carbon footprint and working toward creating an environmentally sustainable school.

Modernise Your Facilities

Modernise your school by installing the latest technology and staying ahead of the curve by championing electric vehicles.

  • “Electric vehicles are increasingly popular, and present exciting opportunities for consumers, for the UK’s car industry, and for efforts to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions.”
    Rachel Reeves MP
    Member of Parliament for Leeds West
  • “It was great to see Alfa Power raising the bar for the industry as a whole. After my recent visit to their offices, it was apparent that this company were destined to achieve great things.”
    Jake Berry MP
    Minister for Northern Powerhouse
  • “We are absolutely delighted to offer this state of the art charging facility here at The Junction. As more of our tenants and their clients become electric car users, it is vital that a modern office complex like The Junction has this type of EV charging capability. ”
    Helen May
    Helen May - The Junction
  • “We are very keen to help the environment in any way we can. Our new EV charger signals our desire to see a green future, while also providing a public service to the people of Pinner.”
    Sean White
    Sean White - The Queen's Head

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See how an EV charger can help modernise your school.

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