This week saw the highest recorded temperature in the UK since records began, with a sweltering 38.7ºC heatwave subduing the UK on Wednesday.

Thankfully, the temperature has dropped somewhat since then, but it also raised some interesting questions about how EV charging units cope under such temperatures.

So, we thought it would be apt to share the operating temperatures of our public-facing units.

So, how do chargers control the temperature internally? Well, if we take a closer look at the Alfa Power Rapid 4in1 charger, we will see that the unit has inbuilt Over Temperature Protection.

This protective mechanism will initiate fans within the unit and automatically start to cool the internal power modules, should they exceed temperatures of 50ºC.

Should the temperature of the charger continue to rise, at 75ºC, the unit will start to limit output linearly with the device shutting down at 77ºC.

While such conditions are unlikely in the UK, in rare instances of extreme heat drivers may be affected by slightly longer charge times than usual.

So, in conclusion, high temperatures are unlikely to affect your charging sessions too much during Summer in the UK. However, if you’re ever charging an EV in an extreme climate, it’s certainly something to keep in mind.